Winter Newsletter 2018

Winter Newsletter 2018

What's new?

- We're excited to welcome our newest vet nurse Vanessa to the practice, and our recently-employed student vet nurse Sharron! Vanessa graduated with her Diploma in Veterianary Nursing in 2007, and Sharron was a human nurse in a previous life so both come with a wealth of knowledge!

- New product Feliscratch by Feliway redirects cat scratching onto desired locations by mimicking natural pheromones and visual marks. It can be used in conjunction with Feliway to stop scratching on undesired locations.


Meet Verdehlo, a lovely grey and white domestic short-haired cat who was reunited with her owners thanks to her microchip!

Like many cats, Verdehlo was brought in to us after she had been hanging around someone’s property in Gulf Harbour. Upon scanning her for a microchip, we discovered that not only did she have one – it was registered to owners in Leigh! Verdehlo had somehow managed to travel 65km (over an hour drive!) away from home. Lucky for Verdehlo, her owners’ contact details were up to date on the New Zealand Companion Animal Register (NZCAR), so we were able to get in touch with them right away and Verdehlo was back home the same day.

Many animals are not as lucky, however. Whether they are not microchipped, their microchips are not registered, or the contact details associated with them are incorrect; a huge number of strays brought in to us end up having to be rehomed.

You can prevent this from happening by simply having your pet microchipped and updating the register whenever you move or change phone number. No matter how well you keep an eye on them, sometimes our pets go astray!

Flea control

Fleas are very common parasites on our furry friends but there are many false facts about fleas and flea control out there. Here are some common misconceptions:

Q: Summer is “flea season” so do I have to treat my pets in the winter?

A: Unfortunately, Auckland doesn’t really have a “flea season” as our temperatures don’t get cold enough to kill fleas - furthermore, many of us keep our pets indoors with artificial heating in the colder months allowing the fleas to breed all year round. So it is important to treat our pets throughout the year.

Q: I check my pets regularly and never see fleas so do I still have to treat them?

A: Just because you don’t see the fleas doesn’t mean they aren’t there: contrary to popular belief fleas do not live on your pet – they live in the environment and will jump on and off your pet for a feed. A single flea indicates hundreds in the environment, and once an infestation starts it can be hard to get rid of.

Q: My pets live indoors so how can they get fleas?

A: Even indoor pets are susceptible to flea infestations as fleas can travel into your house via your shoes, clothing and other means other than on your pet.

Q: Doesn’t bathing treat fleas?

A: Swimming and bathing is not an effective way to treat fleas as the fleas need to be submerged for about 24 hours to fatally drown. Even shampooing will not be effective as it has no residual effect and the fleas will just jump back on.

Q: Aren’t fleas harmless though?

A: Along with uncomfortable itchiness, some pets will suffer more serious conditions as a result of flea infestation including anaemia – the loss of red blood cells impacts on the body’s ability to carry oxygen around the body (this can be fatal in very young, very old and immune-compromised animals); and Flea Allergy Dermatitis - a reaction to flea bites causing extremely itchy skin; pets often traumatise their skin due to constant scratching, which can lead to infection.

Q: Is using a treatment that lasts longer overdosing my pet?

A: Bravecto has products that will work for 3 or 6 months – these products are not an overdose as they are designed to absorb slowly.


- Win a “Fitbark” for dogs or “MonkeeTree” cat ladder to boost your pet’s activity levels!

Just purchase any bag of Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic until the end of August to be in to win.

Hill’s Metabolic is a complete diet for your cat or dog and is specifically formulated to support weight management. If you’re worried about your pet’s weight, give us a call and book in for our free nurse weight clinic. 

- Buy Bravecto and you could win a years supply! Purchase any Bravecto product and you could win the equivalent packets for a year's flea protection. Offer available until the end of August.