January Newsletter 2018

January Newsletter 2018

Staffing changes!

x Two of our lovely nurses, Lianne & Gentle, will be going on maternity leave from March! We are all very excited for the arrival of their little bundles of joy!

x We are sad to announce that our longest standing staff member, Holly, is leaving us to go on her OE! Holly has been with Whangaparaoa Vets for 10 years, starting as a cattery girl when she was just 14 years old. Working in the clinic inspired her to go on and study veterinary nursing and she graduated with her diploma in April 2014. While she’s excited for this adventure, she’s going to miss the team, the clients, and the wonderful patients she’s gotten to know over the years. The clinic won’t be the same without her!

x New staff – we are very excited about having 2 new nurses, Jas & Joanna, who started with us full-time in December! We are also pleased to announce that our student nurse over the past two years Bethany is no longer a student and has started her new full-time position with us as a fully qualified nurse!

Promos & Specials!

x Any dogs prescribed a 100ml bottle of Metacam will also get a 10ml bottle FREE, thanks to Boehringer.

x Spend $70 or more on Hill’s Science Diet or Hill’s Vet Essentials and get a FREE round beach towel! While stocks last.

x $10 discount stickers will be on various Hill’s Science Diet adult cat & kitten bags of food, while stocks last. 

New products!

x Zoetis have developed a new product called Cytopoint that offers 4 weeks of relief from the signs of atopic dermatitis in dogs from a single injection. Speak to one of our vets at your next consultation to see if Cytopoint is right for your dog.

x Bravecto is now available in a 6-monthly spot-on flea & tick treatment for dogs. It is designed to absorb slowly by forming a deposit under the skin.

x Hills Science Diet has launched a new senior food Youthful Vitality for adult cats & dogs 7+. This new formula protects against the signs of aging for vitality & brain support, energy & interacting and a luxurious coat.

x Hills Prescription Diet has a new combination food called K/D + Mobility for dogs that suffer from both kidney and joint conditions.

x Royal Canin has developed a food called Calm which has hydrolyzed milk protein and amino acids involved in balancing serotonin in the body. It’s formulated to support cats & dogs with digestive, skin & urinary sensitivities due to socially & environmentally stressful conditions.

Don’t forget!

Fleas love the warmer months so make sure you treat your pets regularly!

Heatstroke: never leave your pets inside the car on a hot day! Animals can’t regulate their body temperature like us, and it only takes a few minutes for this to become a life-threatening condition. Make sure your pets have access to water and shade at all times.

x Pets can get sunburned too! Those with light-coloured fur or skin on their ears and nose are particularly susceptible to skin cancer and we recommend a pet sunscreen and keeping them out of the sun.

x As tempting as it is to share dinner and treats with our pets, it can be very dangerous for them.

-          Pancreatitis is the inflammation of the pancreas due to foods too rich and high in fat being fed. It can be very painful for your pet and requires intensive care to treat.

-          Bones can be very hazardous as they can easily splinter as your dog chews on them, and become stuck in the throat or intestines, causing a perforation or blockage.

-          Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is extremely toxic to our pets. Cakes and sweets can also cause serious medical issues if ingested.

-          Grapes and raisins contain a toxin that can cause sudden onset kidney failure.

Flystrike, seen mostly with rabbits and guinea pigs, is a common problem in warm weather and occurs when flies lay their eggs on or around the animal’s rear. The flies are attracted to damp fur, urine and faeces so this can be avoided by cleaning hutches regularly, making a habit of checking your pet’s rear and coming in for a hygiene clip if necessary.