Regular health checks are vital for the early detection of disease in older pets. Screening tests are common place in human medicine, and for animals they also help detect problems early and prevent disease. 

Pets age faster than we do, reaching middle age at around 6-8 years depending on the breed. Prevention or early detection of problems will enable you to assist your pet to lead a happy, healthy life for longer.

Silver Whiskers Level One

A Silver Whiskers is a packaged service, saving you money on the unbundled price of the components. It involves a day stay at the clinic. 

The physical examination assesses improtant quality of life issues such as oral health, mobility, eye, ear and skin problems. Heart and lung sounds are checked and the abdomen palpated, checking for masses and any abnormalities. Any skin lumps need to be identified, measured and recorded on a tumour map. We will help you check for early signs of cognitive dysfunction.

Also included in the level one testing:

- The Complete Blood Count can detect things such as chronic blood loss, hidden infections and some cancers.

-  Other blood tests (biochemistry panel) detects abnormalities in kidney and liver function, blood proteins and glucose.

- Urine test checks for kidney abnormalities, chronic inflammatory conditions, diabetes, bladder stones and infections.

- Blood pressure changes give important information about kidney disease, thyroid function, heart disease and more.

- Worming and flea treatment with Broadline (cats) or Nexgard Spectra (dogs).

- Nail clipping if needed.

Your pet will go home after Veterinary discussion with report summary for your records.

Silver Whiskers Level Two (All the above plus)

For Cats:

Thyroid hormone testing to check for an overactive thyroid due to a tumour. This is quite common in older cats.

Electrolyte levels are measured since abnormalities are also quite common in older cats, causing poor appetite, weight loss, muscle weakness and more.