Our clinic has high quality diagnostic tools, including an in-house Idexx blood testing laboratory, digital radiography for xrays, ultrasound, a blood pressure monitor, ECG, and microscope. 

We also have access to an independent laboratory for a wide range of more comprehensive tests.

Blood Testing Laboratory

We have made a major upgrade to the most advanced equipment in the region from global leaders IDEXX laboratories. This provides us with the ability to provide accurate blood test results regarding your pet's health in a matter of minutes. Whether it is a critical emergency, in the evening, weekend or prior to surgery we can have the answers in moments.

As well as a complete blood count and extensive biochemistry profiles we can also run more advanced testing when required such as hormone, electrolyte, giardia, and feline immunodeficiency virus. 


Radiography is a powerful diagnostic tool and with our x-ray machine we can take radiographs from the smallest to the largest pet. Our digital processor enables us to email images to veterinary specialist radiologists if required. 

Dr Shanti Scott has done significant additional training in this field providing a great extra resource for the clinic.


Our ultrasound machine is also very useful diagnostically. We can quickly check for pregnancy, free fluid in the abdomen, urinary bladder and other organs.

Blood Pressure

We have a modern electronic HDO blood pressure unit so that we can diagnose and manage hypertention in cats as well as dogs. We can measure your pet's blood pressure quickly, effectively and stress free. Blood pressure problems are very common in aging cats with kidney concerns.


Our ECG machine is invaluable if your pet has an abnormal heart rhythm that requires evaluation.We use our ECG and blood pressure unit to monitor high risk anaesthesias.


We have a microscope to examine skin scrapings, fine needle aspirates from lumps, ears and urine samples. A variety of stains are to our availability. We can centrifuge samples such as urine for more detailed examination.