Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018


- Two of our amazing nurses, Lianne & Gentle, will be going on maternity leave from March. We are all very excited for the arrival of their little bundles of joy!

- Any dogs prescribed a 100ml bottle of Metacam will also get a 10ml bottle FREE thanks to Boehringer.

- Save $10 on selected bags of Hill's Prescription Diet T/D for cats & dogs! While stocks last. 


It's always a relief when we find out an unwell or injured pet is insured. This enables us to consider all treatment options without being limited by finance. This is why we strongly encourage pet insurance. The three main companies are Southern Cross, Petplan & Pet-n-Sur. We encourage anyone getting a new pet to look into plans with each of these companies to find what suits your pet. Remember to ask what each plan includes and excludes. The sooner the better - once your pet has been treated for a condition it will be excluded from insurance. 


Classes are important for social development of puppies, teaching them basic commands as well as how to interact with other puppies. They are also a chance to help new owners find their feet - teaching new owners about normal puppy behaviour, body language, nutrition, and the importance of ongoing socialisation and training. Run by qualified vet nurse Eileen, our classes consisit of 4 one-hour-long classes run over 4 weeks. Pups should be 8-16 weeks old and have had their first vaccination.


With the holiday season behind us, many of our pets as well as ourselves are feeling the effects! Although we're often guilty of finding overweight pets cute and cuddly, the extra weight can be detrimental to their health.

Just like in humans, obesity can lead to a range of health issues including arthritis and joint problems, high blood pressure, heart and respiratory disease, diabetes, cancers, kidney disease and decreased life expectancy. 

If you're worried about your pet's weight or you would like some weight management tips, feel free to speak to one of our nurses at reception, bring in your pet for a weigh in; or make an appointment for a free nurse weight consultation. 


Dental disease is very common and affects 95% of cats and dogs. If untreated, oral disease can lead to bad breath, severe pain and tooth loss. Major infections can travel into the blood stream and potentially affect your pet's internal organs. Ways to help reduce tartar build up include brushing, dental chews, dental biscuits & oral wash solutions. 

If you think your pet may need a dental, give us a call and book in for a free nurse dental check.